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What is there to do about those who do not respect our game. Those who are out there just to see how many beers they can drink before falling on their face. I have come to grips that the game I love, for the most part, is at least 10-15% "fun" players. Those who use Disc Golf as an outlet for their stupidness. These few are giving the rest of us a bad name. By the rest of us I mean those who play as a profession, recreation or fitness. There are more players who care for the game than not. That doesn't detour the fact that these players are doing everyone else a huge dis-service. We can't simply say that these people can not play under these grounds alone. We can however, make it more difficult for them to act like this in public. That would be Un-American and Un-Consitutional as most people would claim. People need to step up more and approach these players. Let them know that they are on thin ice if they want to continue acting that way. We are out here as a privilege at most course. These select few can, and have, single handedly gotten courses pulled. It may take calling the Cops in some of these people. I don't condone it or reccomend it, but in some circumstances what else can be done? I play Disc Golf for the pure love of the game. The alternative minded people I meet almost every time I go out and play. The beautiful days without a cloud in the sky. The days where it seems Jah is laughing at you and opens up the clouds for torrential downpours. I play for the satisfaction of watching new players develop their skills. I enjoy giving tips and pointers to anyone who will listen. It helps me by psycho-analyzing myself in own game. I enjoy watching my technique on video to break down just how it is I get my power and where it comes from. I'm currrently honing in my left handed technique. I broke my hand back in 1999 and had to finish out lefty. I came back on Sunday on Vicodin as a 14 year old kid, and beat 18 players left handed. It was the first time I ever threw anything with my off hand. I picked it up pretty well but didn't have much control. Now I can throw it 10 feet off the ground, dead flat, 300 feet. Hopefully, by 2010 I will be confident enough to throw it in my tournament game. I usually live on my forehands for right turning shots. Now some of these shots are starting to look easier for my Lefty shot. People love it when I can just bust it out. Twice now I've met new players while throwing all lefty rounds. After about 10 holes I'll casually say, "Hey I wonder if I can throw one Righty?" I then proceed to bomb a 360 shot about 500 ft. The look on their faces is priceless. Many questions usually follow. I believe I would be good at demonstrating at Clinics. I may not have the best form in the world. I do know the basics for any player to be throwing at least 200 feet their first day. It all depends on the natural athletic ability of the individual. You get some 3 Sport Varsity Letterman and he'll be throwin 300-350 the first day. I wonder if anyone is still reading this. I tend to just babble on when I get into one of these flows. Does anyone else think there are little gnomes that steal one sock each time you do a load of laundry? Most Americans are sheeple who follow the mass majorities pre-determined destiny. I apologize to anyone who also has this kind of free time to even read this jargon. This is mind-numbing thoughtless literature. You are probably now dumber for reading this. Good day Sir.

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Comment by mr ed on January 24, 2009 at 4:28pm
hey now,interesting read.Problem of confrontation is the vandalism of one's vehicle,getting blindsided by one or all you are confronting.With age comes wisdom,as Terry demonstrated with a phone call(phone a friend?)Look forward to your next installment.Goodnight,Sir.
Comment by Terry "the Pirate" Calhoun on January 24, 2009 at 9:01am
I've gotten vandals removed from parks before. Always carrying a digital camera is a useful thing. I recall one group of 5 young men sitting in a ranger car and one of them said to me, "Why didn't you just tell us to stop." (Instead of calling the rangers; they were ripping branches off a tree near a pin.) And I said, "We're in the middle of the woods with no one else around, there are five of you and you're being physically aggressive, and I'm an old guy. Be realistic." :)
Comment by The FORCE on January 23, 2009 at 10:42pm
wouldnt say im dumber, i say im smarter because i will be more wary of what you write. its gonna take an ass whoopin for any of these drunkards to act right at the. ive come close to fisticuffs many a time at the course because i stand up for what i believe in, and thats not trashing our course. ive got witnesses, im not scared of these people, im scared of how stupid people have gotten. thanks for reminding me. i have had many a confrontation about littering and course destruction. i stand my ground because i dont really think these people have the guts to do anything. i have the guts to say something, and usually im in a decent size group of golfers, so i hope that the vandals get the idea that we are involved with course authority somehow. anyways, i just tell them that if they want nice disc golf courses they should think about what they are doing. im a nonconformist, i point out the sheeple to themselves and they still dont get it. thank you and this has been my pure opinion
Comment by Rock Out With My Roc Out on January 23, 2009 at 10:40pm
Good day to you too!

Oh yeah, the gnomes don't take one sock they leave one!

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