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I seem to get pretty good distance on hyzer type shot's when needed but for the life of me I can't get an anhyzer throw to do anything but go "up, die off and fall to earth, well short of where I wanted it to go! I've seen many other RHBH players get a sweet anhyzer to not only go to the say the entry point in a area of trees but they can make it gently float a long ways into the sweet spot. Mine, yea sometimes I get it to go in the direction I want but it still heads up and dies back actually pulling it away from the entryway, which makes for a much longer "2nd. shot".

I've tried throwing very low off the tee, very high off the tee, in the middle, it doesn't seem to make a difference when I'm trying for a longer distance anhyzer. I usually throw a Beast, either 166 Pro or a 172 Champ for this kinda shot, the weight doesn't seem to make any difference in the distance and how the throw ends up in the end. If I try to FORCE it hard off the tee, it just ends up as longer "hook". Any help would be apprecaited as a 50+ player, 15 months playing, I know I'm doing something totally wrong in my tech for an anhyzer throw, thanks! :)

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Comment by Bogeyman on December 16, 2008 at 9:34am
DC and all, thanks for the advise, I'll work on keeping the elbow up with my 166 Pro Beast and see how that works before I buy new plastic. I use a Stingray for "short to the right shots" but have never been able to use it for much distance. I seem to be able to throw the Beast's as far as either the Sidewinder or the Roadrunner when trying for a anhyzer, wouldn't the "Beast be in the same relm of "understableness" as the Roadrunner, it's just a 10 speed instead of a 9 speed?? The Sidewinder, I've never seemed to "plant", it hit's and then turns into a roller, LOL, it NEVER rolls to the positive of the shot so I went to a Beast and I do seem to be more accurate in placement "ie: the direction and spot I wanted the disc to go too off the Tee. Thanks for all the help, it's appreciated!! :)

B.J. (bogeyman) Ondo
Comment by ethan harbolt on December 15, 2008 at 10:38pm
another disc i would suggest is a roadrunner extra understable. which will allow it to flip even with a lower armspeed
Comment by DC ( DISCFUNCTIONAL CHRIS ) on December 15, 2008 at 5:03pm
hey bogyman, one last thing, i was looking at your homepage pictures and one thing i noticed is in a couple of your pictures of you driving, it appears your elbow is relatively low, try raising your elbow to wear its strait out from you and tilt the top of your wrist away from you so your leveling the disc, and also if your right handed slightly raise the left side of the disc so the disc starts out already anhyzer angled, this will help you to acheive a anhyzer flight, once you get the hange of it and get comfortable using this technique you might notice you are actually turning the disc to much, then all you have to do is lower the left side of the disc to were its level or even angle it down slightly if tour throwing understable stuff, still keep your wrist tilted away from you, before you know it you will be anhyzering it with the best of them, take it from someone whos struggled for ohhhh ten or so years with the same issue till someone pointed these two things out to me, well that and the power grip, also before buying a bunch of new plastic, try this with your lightest weight beast, you might find you have the disc you need in your bag already, and if any of your freinds have any of the great discs suggested by earlier posts, ask them to let you try them out, l hope this helps.
Comment by DC ( DISCFUNCTIONAL CHRIS ) on December 15, 2008 at 4:33pm
what chad said, the avenger ss as well as the sidewinder would be great discs to pu if you are lacking snap, i myself struggle with the same issue and the avenger ss and the sidewinder are my go to to discs for most drives, they will anhyzer relatively easy and go a long way.
Comment by Hootie on December 14, 2008 at 10:47am
The Archangel might be a little slower than the Beast, but its also more understable so its easier to overpower or throw an anhyzer that will hold its line for longer. Im not too sure about how much speed affects an anhyzer throw, but i do know you will be able to throw a better anhyzer with an Archangel than with a Beast. Good thing about Archangels is that they only come in DX, so they're nice and cheap, and from the sounds of your technique and power, I think you'll like them. Im similar to you, I dont have a huge arm or a lot of snap, and I've got a couple Archangels in my bag specifically for anhyzer drives. I dunno much about the design of a disc and whether that makes it stable or understable (lip width), maybe one of the pros or engineers on here can help with that.
Comment by Bogeyman on December 14, 2008 at 10:37am
Thanks for the feeback, it's appreciated, do have another question, I used a Beast cause it was the must "understable", 10 speed disc (although now they have the Monarch), the Archangel is like a 6-8 speed, right so it's not only the "understable" level but the "speed" that makes it easier to anhyzer than a Beast?

Does the "lip width" make the difference, LOL, I guess as a less than 2 year player, I was cosentrating more on the "stable" level of the disc, thinking the "speed" level wouldn't matter. I don't have a lot of "power" in my throws, I have chronic arthritis in all the major joints (spondolitis family) so I've been trying to develop good "snap" but even my best (snap's), seems "underpowered" next to other's I've played with. I'd probably have to use the "traditonal anhyzer" method but I'll pick up a Archangel and see what happens, again thanks!

Take care, have FUN, Throw Plastic!
B.J. (bogeyman) Ondo :)
Comment by Hootie on December 14, 2008 at 10:30am
In terms of your technique, a lot of people start high and release low to throw a good anhyzer, but the key is that the angle of release is good (the opposite edge of the disc from where you are gripping it should be higher than where your hand is at release), and you still throw it hard (with a drive anyway). If you only throw at say 60% power, the disc will fight against the angle of release, flip back to level and then naturally stall out and fade. I think anhyzers are a difficult shot to learn, but well worth the time and effort to learn them.
Comment by Hootie on December 14, 2008 at 10:15am
Get your hands on a DX Archangel, one of those babies should anhyzer properly for you, and you should have two options depending on your power:

1. Throw a traditional anhyzer with the angle dictating the flight path;

or (if you have enough power)

2. Throw it HARD and flat (hopefully you have enough power to flip it so it starts heading on an anhyzer line).

A Beast might be a little too fast and stable for you to overpower, but a slower less stable disc should help you work on your anhyzer. Good luck mate.

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