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Mission Complete: 1,000 Joey Giampino Memorial Discs have been given to the street kids of India !!!

This project took a long time to complete, but the results are fantastic...

  • Over 1,000 Ultimate discs were given to the poor street kids in the country of India.
  • We helped further the cause of Indicorps on its noble and righteous mission.
  • We provided a cool way to remember prehaps the greatest ultimate player of all time, Joey Giampino.

TheThrowShop was a big part of this effort, so special thanks go out to Terry Calhoun and family.

The following was sent by (the late) Joe Giampino's sister Laura:

Hello new friends!

I just wanted to send a copy of a letter I wrote and included when I sent discs out to friends and family who received the beautiful discs that you all made in memory of my brother.  The discs were used to help raise money for Joe's kids' college fund and to hand out to those folks who were a part of our grieving process.  My family was touched by the response to the disc not only with the outpouring of your individual and collective services, but also the reaction to the actual disc.  Everyone loves it and can't say enough about it.  You really rose to the challenge and I am forever in your debt.

I have never been to India, but now that I have new friends there, I will be reaching out to you someday to visit and I hope I can return the favor if any of you (domestic or int'l) visit Chicago.  I'll be your personal tour guide on the inside of many taverns! 

In the states this week is our week of Thanksgiving.  While our family had to deal with tragedy this year, we still are thankful for to have folks like you in our lives.  So Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Take care,  Laura G

Laura Giampino 1355 West Elmdale Ave. Suite 3 Chicago, IL  60660 lgiampino@mindspring. 312-351-2094 cell skype me
November 2011
Hello friends and family,
In the early spring of this year, a few Ultimate people came to our family wanting to know
if they could find a suitable way to honor Joe.  First there was some talk about naming a
disc golf course after him in India.  And while that would have been a great honor indeed,
plans fell through due to unforeseen circumstances.  It was then discussed that with the
development of any sport, equipment would be needed.  So as it were and to our ultimate
delight, a memorial was finally settled on with the disc you have in your hand.  Know that
there are many more donated discs flying around India right now helping the sport for which
Joe lived and loved expand into what we hope will create and mold more ultimate players
like Windy City’s own penultimate high-flyer Joe.
Please see the first email in a line of many and find the list of individuals who made this disc
“TheThrowShow has secured $2,800 to be used as a gift towards development of disc sports
in India.  The Ultimate teams of India are just starting to take off in a big way, but still there
isn't 1 disc golf course for > 1 billion potential players.  Yet.  In an effort to help jump-start
disc golf in India, TheThrowShow has offered several Ultimate teams 1/2 of the money to be
used toward Ultimate, as long as the other half is used towards trying to establish the first
 disc golf course in India.  If enough progress is shown, donations from disc golf manufactures
(with a billion potential customers) should jump on board, and there should be plenty of
additional money flowing into the fund to expand Ultimate and disc golf there.  If a disc
golf course is established and if it's OK with the Giampino family and with Windy City Ultimate,
it will be named the Joey Giampino Memorial Disc Golf Course.

However, although $1,400 seems like a lot to help an Indian Ultimate team, the responses
we've gotten thus far is that these guys are only interested in Ultimate, so they don't want to
commit any effort toward disc golf, at least not now with the limited funds we have so far.
If it's OK with the Giampino family and with Windy City Ultimate, we would like to print a
boatload of discs dedicated in memorial of Joey Giampino.  Ah…Joey laying out over the
continent of India, getting an extra boost from his foot in East Japan.” – Marty Wollner

We are very pleased to share this with you as a fitting memorial to our son, our brother,
our father, our uncle, our nephew, our cousin and our friend Joe.  It’s a great tribute not only
to Joe, but also to the Windy City Ultimate extended family and the lives they touched in
Chicago and also clearly from around the world.  You were a part of Joe’s life and the whole
Giampino clan and we can’t think of a better way to remember Joe.  
Please enjoy this memorial disc.  Fly it far, fly it free and always know that you can make
that catch just like Joey G.
To get this disc in your hand, it took a lot of great people and I want to thank them here.
If it weren’t for these caring people and their commitment to the memory of Joe, I don’t think
we’d have such a great memorial.  So please reach out to this group of individuals and
support them and their passions.  
Many thanks to the following for their time, effort and passion:



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Comment by DiscGolfFlyMart.com on February 18, 2012 at 11:19am

I would like to purchase 1 to 3 of these ultimate discs and send some minis as a donation to Team India. Can you message me on FB with details?

Bart Zandstra

Comment by Marty Wollner on February 10, 2012 at 6:41pm

I have just recieved some really cool news from India, this is really awesome!


Dear Laura, Marty and co.,

I've been meaning the write you all since we starting distributing the
discs made in Joey's memory. I wanted to share some of the stories and
captured moments about the discs.

Here is one from Ajat Shatru:
"Hi Jaideep,
These days I play frisbee with some kids coming from surrounding area
where we live in Gurgaon.Vinita gave me 6 Frisbee which you send her.A
girl from family of construction workers also playing with us from few
days.Today her parents decided to leave the place as they have no
work.Since this girl was playing Frisbee so well ,I decided to give her
one Frisbee with promise that she will help children to throw it where
ever she lives in future.She was not going to school because of
ignorance parents & poor conditions.I am very happy to connect children
of all background with frisbee ."

Another is a photograph from a childrens team (Team Smokey!) set up in
the Philippines (I managed to get the discs out there recently!) by Kai
Abueg. The children come from an underprivileged area and Kai has been
teaching them Ultimate for some months now.

These are just 2 'stories' from a plethora of how the discs have been
making a difference to children's lives since we started distribution a
few months ago. We have finally distributed all the discs and people
continue to share their stories of change with me.

Thank you once again for all your help and support, I cannot even begin
to imagine a better way to celebrate Joey's life after hearing how much
positivity is being spread through these discs. I can only hope that

Warm regards,

Jaidip & The Ahmedabad Ultimate Team

Hyderabad Mobile: +917799890798
Roaming Mobile: +919099455839

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More importantly, what does it mean to be purposeful?:

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Comment by hg on November 23, 2011 at 8:57pm

This is awesome!

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