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Well, I suppose you could call this a blog series of sorts that I hope to keep up as I progress through my hopeful disc golf "career."

The Discovery

It was late one night in early January 2010, and I could not sleep. I had been having problems with insomnia, depression, apathy, and avolition (or, a loss of willpower and such) for quite some time now. I mainly attributed these things to a lack of activity (i.e. actually getting out and moving). This night I got bored and surfed around on eBay; like I often did. However, this time, I went through a section I never had gone through before: the sports section. At first, nothing had jumped out at me, but then, I saw this phrase under the outdoor recreation subcategory: disc golf. I was intrigued, and clicked on it, and was astounded and boggled by the variety of discs that were suddenly at a click of a mouse. I began looking at these discs, even doing impromptu research, before obsession and compulsion took a stranglehold, and I just had to buy one! With my ongoing obsession with dragons, my first disc ended up being, of course, the Dragon driver in DX plastic.

I was excited as I began doing more and more research on the game of disc golf. Soon, I found out about the different kinds of discs, throwing techniques, and yes, the PDGA and the thousands of courses located across the country (including one in my hometown of Fresno). I found the local DG community on a yahoo group, and commenced to introduce myself; I was surprised to see several responses within a couple of days, which encouraged me to go out to the course and watch a game ASAP. In the meantime, I ordered two more discs: a midrange Transcend (made by Discwing) and the Aviar Putt and Approach in DX plastic.

Week One Sunday

The time came for my first time at the disc golf course. Unfortunately, the time also came for the front end of a large bout of Pacific storms to hit California. By the time the time for the so-called "Bag Tag" round had arrived, it was already pouring, and only getting worse! At first, I had only planned on watching; none of my discs had arrived in the mail yet, and the terminology and throwing techniques I had seen online seemed to be beyond my grasps. However, the local community seemed more than willing to welcome me! I was immediately put into a game in the wet with three others; one of whom (Chris B., I believe) gave me three discs of his to use so that I could actually play. I mainly threw sixes and sevens on these holes, if not worse, but enh, it was in the rain, and it was my first time out! I learned a couple of things in the process, and I had fun while doing it (unfortunately, I also fell in the mud after all was said and done! Whooops!)

Rest of Week One
After the Sunday round, the rest of the week was spent at school and trying to get myself to a rabbit show (different hobby, yes, I know) in San Bernardino, which didn't work out. As far as disc golf went, I did more research, finding out more about the 'structure' of the sport, and trying to find out more about the sport in general: from discs, to improving my play, to even means of socializing! I was able to talk with a couple of local players on the phone; one of whom actually works at the college I attend (and she wished to see me to help 'tutor' me on my game the following week!).

Week Two, Sunday
I returned to the course to play another bag tag round; this time, I had my discs, and I felt slightly more prepared than last time. I was sent out with Brian H. and Billy D, who went something like 3 under and 2 under par respectively. As for me, I struggled with solidifying my shot, and went a whole 41 over par; interestingly enough, an improvement over last week, as my worst hole was a seven (and I hit that only once), and everything else was in the four to six throw range. I learned much, much more from Billy and Brian about how to throw, and after learning that, I learned that I needed to work on following through on my throws (I had a bad habit of ending my motion short and not following through), keeping the weight OFF of my back foot in my stance as I throw, and keeping the disc level as I throw. When I got my throws right, however, my throws were already going a decent distance; my guess was some of them went about 200 feet (which, I'm thinking is not too bad for a person who has only played twice?) I went home feeling good about myself, and feeling good that I had finally found something that had revived my interest in something again.

Week Two, Monday

I found this site recently, and began participating on it (i.e. the chat). I also threw my midrange disc out in the yard, which I found out was not a good place for it, since the traffic driving by eventually became a very annoying distractor. Still, I had several good throws in the 150-200 ft range with said midrange as I practiced, which made me happy. I talked to a couple of tournament directors, as I plan on playing one of the Central Valley Series tournaments coming up, and then the Otter Open later in February. I would be playing as low as a division as I can get, naturally!

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Comment by Chainz-4-Brainz on January 26, 2010 at 3:02pm
Brian, welcome to both the site and the sport. You're in good company.
Comment by Brian Leavitt on January 26, 2010 at 1:26pm
Thank you both for your comments!

Mark; I would love to do practice rounds like that. Unfortunately, a quirky tidbit about me is that I do not drive; no license, no car, nothing. I depend on my (rather busy) family for rides practically everywhere. My "home" course is about 30 minutes away from me, so. unfortunately, it'd be hard for me to go to the course outside of the routine bag tag rounds and an occasional visit. I may, however, go to the course a couple of hours early before the bag tag round this following Sunday and try to do what you suggested!
Comment by Wicked Dyes on January 25, 2010 at 11:02pm
Well I like seeing you get out there. Keep it up man!!
Comment by mark ellis on January 25, 2010 at 10:53pm
Welcome to the sport and the obsession it may become. It is a great obsession, BTW. I was hooked after my first round and that was 15 years ago.

I have a gentle suggestion: a practice round where you don't keep score. Go out at a time where the course is vacant or mostly vacant. Go to the first hole and throw all of your discs from the tee pad. Then collect them and go back to that first tee pad and throw them all again. Spend as many shots as you need or want before you move onto the next part of the course.

In a round like this you are not worried about score or time. You are just trying to figure out how your discs fly. So throw multiple drives and multiple upshots and multiple putts. When you play your next round for score you should see a big improvement.

After your next bag tag round go up to the best player you played with and ask them to watch you throw and give suggestions. Most experienced players are happy to help enthusiastic newcomers.

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