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Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!!! (I hate losing discs, and disc THEIVES!!!!)

I went to my normal practice field today to work on my drives for the first time in about three months. Its not a very professionally kept field as its just used by the local Junior Football league. There aren't lines but from when I was a kid playing football there myself I remembered that they paint the lines with the Goal posts at the very back of the end zones. That makes them about 120 yards apart which is about 360ft. In the past I had only thrown one disc actually past the opposite goal post and into the trench filled with tall grass and muck that's about twenty feet behind the field.

Well today I successfully threw ALL of my Drivers into that tall grass and muck consecutively one right after the other throw after throw. Everything from my Wraiths as the fastest and My Teebirds as the slowest soared right past that goal post and into the crap beyond. I was having a blast doing it so wasn't thinking of consequences. I didn't have trouble finding my Valkyrie back when I first threw that far three months ago but that was only one disc and I now had sixteen of them out there and the grass was MUCH taller than it was earlier in the year.

Long story short about an hour and a half later I fumbled out of that swamp covered in muck and smelling like a sewer with only eleven of my discs left. I was more angry than I think I have ever been. I failed to find the following discs. 172 champ Orc, 175 Champ Valkyrie, 175 Star Valkyrie, and my brand spankin new 171 FLX Surge. They all have my name and number on them but I fear a lawn mower might find them before I ever get them back.

It gets worse, halfway back across the field I notice that I can't see my bag on the other side where I had left it. Someone walking by had just picked it up and walked off with it!!!! It was an innova deluxe bag with my phoenix straps on it and it still had my two rocs, two buzzzs and three wizards in it!!!! along with my ript revenge card game bug spray, absorbine jr. and like six minis. I have NEVER been more enraged and horribly angry than I was at that moment. I was latterly screaming obscenities at the top of my lungs. I know I shouldn't have left it there but I have done it countless other times and nobody ever messed with it. My town is one of those wholesome towns where most people are nice. Lately though the kids have been becoming little punks, I bet it was one of them.

So that's how the worst day in my disc golf career panned out. If I ever find out who did it I'm going break their arm and take my bag back. I think we should do like they did in the biblical times and stone thieves to death, but instead of stones we would throw discs. That would be a fitting punishment.... Discd to death.

UPDATE:Many of the drivers I lost were well broken in and worth a lot to me, and my mids and putters... those were all I had I knew them well... how the heck am I supposed to start over with new ones when I was so close with those ones? Its like I lost a loved one or something,

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Comment by frank kleckner on September 9, 2009 at 8:40pm
hey judo guy... r u there ???????? hope your back in the game
Comment by Judozuna on June 25, 2009 at 5:22pm
I thought about the possibility that someone picked it up with the intention of returning it to me but my discs and bag all have my name and number on them and I have yet to hear anything back. I went back today and found one of the discs I lost in the grass and muck but I don't really have waiters or anything so I just go with crappy shoes and swimming trunks. I'm thinking that some of them are probably not only under the grass but are submerged in mud so they're going to be hard to find. I talked to the park police while I was there and let them know that my bag and discs had been stolen they said they would keep a lookout and that lots of local kids run around those trails and stuff (I used to when I was a kid too) so it might turn up. It has taken me over a year to aquire most of the discs I have little by little. I don't really have large quantities of money to buy in bulk. I usually keep myself down to about one maybe two discs a month and my bag and straps were gifts from my family for my birthday. Its going to take me a while to build back up a decent bag set.
Comment by Judozuna on June 25, 2009 at 3:26pm
I agree. I feel like an old man or something but what the heck is wrong with kids these days? Is it really necessary to vandalize and steal other peoples property?
Comment by Yeddie VanHalen on June 25, 2009 at 2:46pm
I heard a story about people in Japan. It is said that if you left/forgot your camera, purse, disc etc on a park bench that no one would take it. Hard to believe, you betcha. Thousands of people would walk right by it & not touch it. It's an honor thing & they feel (as do I) that hey, it's not mine, why should I take it? Too bad we dont have that kind of respect here in the U.S.
Comment by mark ellis on June 25, 2009 at 12:48pm
Wow, that is serious bad luck. Now it turns out the lost drives are more likely to be found than the ones you left in your bag.

The odds are that you will see your bag again. Bags are distinctive and are often seen in the proximity of disc golf courses. Your lawyer would advise restraint when that happens. The most expensive bags are cheap compared to court hearings.

Steve Belliveau's advice was confusing to me. Steve and I go way back and I have always respected his opinions but I am not smart enough to follow his logic sometimes. I just don't see how collecting the lost dogs and cats from the neighborhood is going to help your predicament. Well at least you will have lots of company. And if you get enough of the little critters you can buy food in bulk and save enough for a shiny new bag.
Comment by Steve Belliveau on June 25, 2009 at 9:39am
Wow! I thought I had a bad day. first try hanging a sign(like lost cat/dog) offering a reward for its return.Then take a weedwacker to that tall grass while wearing boots. then go door to door most punk kids live near there crimes,and brag about them.

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