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At 12:15pm on April 9, 2009, "El Gatto" said…
Hey QT, it has been awile eh! How was your winter? Finally warming up around here! I cannot wait to throw a round wearing the sun as my shirt.
At 7:07pm on April 6, 2009, Kraig said…
Hey Shel! I should be in Norman by Monday evening next week. I'll be at the USPS Housing Facility until May 1st. I have several things to do while I'm out there, but I'm planning to play Colonial Estates, Griffin Park, and Lions Park. I'd like to play at least two or three times each week.
At 10:57am on April 6, 2009, LSDiscs-Neileo said…
I will see what I can do for a visit...Dang Nan-na, lil J is gettin big
At 8:07am on April 6, 2009, don said…
that would be so great if you could make it. We will put you up in the house so no camping for you. Just let me know. My wife will be excited to here that you want to come. Hope to see you then. Or any time for that matter. Are you heading up the the glass blown open? if so I will see you then.
At 10:50am on March 30, 2009, Calico Jack said…
What's up Shel?

So you recovered from Bronchitis then promptly went out into the snow? I gotta give you credit that pretty metal! Was it easy to learn? (apart from the launching into the air and crackin yer head part) On a similar note I'll be learning to surf this summer. Been in Cali most my left and never tried it. There's still a 14 year old kid in me who thinks he's not aging. :P Whatever, I will not go gracefully!

You gotta get a pic of your new ink up on here. Also, I can't go into much detail but I got a lead on a upstart disc company that is going to be doing "mini sponsorships" based not on rating or skill but rather enthusiasm. I'll keep you posted. :)

At 10:43am on March 30, 2009, Donnie Brooks, Mini Disc Golf Federation said…
Hi Shel, I really LOVED you comment on the Disc Golf Sunsets Club. I feel the same way. I also got to spend some time on your page and I wanted to say that I really like it. Nice family pics and music. Also you are correct in the saying that "Disc Golf Chicks RULE",
"Rock The Chains", Donnie
At 8:37pm on March 28, 2009, LSDiscs-Neileo said…
hey woman, where've you been?
At 9:22pm on March 26, 2009, Hi, I'm Todd Lewis said…
Hey you, howdy hi from the junky monkey.

R U the OKey From Muskogee?

I'm so happy, snow is melting, melting, melting. I'm discing on solid ground again sister.
At 9:56am on March 6, 2009, LSDiscs-Neileo said…
My bad....I forgot to mention that you are the advanced womens champ in 09 at the HCR Ice Bowl....You rock Shel....You know that I totally enjoy and love playing rounds with you...keep it up and get better...Off to KC for a C-tier on Sunday...talk to you soon
At 12:33pm on March 5, 2009, Calico Jack said…
Hey Shel! Sounds like you've been busy! So you won Advanced Women's at the Ice Bowl eh? Wow! Congrats!! I've only ever played once in the snow/ice and that was in Flagstaff on my way through AZ. Currently I'm in WA visiting friends, there are some pretty sweet courses up here and the disc golf scene is pretty laid back, like you'd expect from the pacific NW.

So I hear you made it out to Rio Don Do huh? Isn't that a kick ass private course? I had the good fortune to make it out there about every Friday last year for beer, bogies and brats. :P Do you have plans to come out for the 2nd Annual Rio Don Do tourney? It was a blast last year.

Talk to you soon. :)
At 3:26pm on March 4, 2009, don said…
shel your so welcome! no worries I hope you start to feeling better. My wife and I really enjoyed your company. We would love to have you up again. Any time you want to get away from it all just let me know your welcome to stay in the guest digs anytime. Take care of yourself and get well for glass blown?
At 8:54pm on March 2, 2009, Kraig said…
Well, you have been busy. Congratulations on your win. That's something to be proud of. And even bigger congratulations on 9 months. I'm very glad for you. I played with a group in Arlington, TX two and a half years ago. They were playing a casual round of doubles and invited me to pay with them. I drew the female in the group and she had played in the Texas Women's Tournament. She really liked the tournament, so if you can get down there I would recommend it.

I've been busy but not with disc golf. I wish that I was! The Greenville post office is letting 21 clerks and 6 mail-handlers go to cut costs, but they came to maintenance and told us that all technicians and mechanics will be working 6 days a week indefinitely. That has really compressed my free time. I would complain about it but many of my friends are complaining about being let go and not being able to find work. It looks like my next break from the grind of 6 days a week will be my trip to Norman! My regular schedule is 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, but now I am working every Sunday too. That means that I can't go to church. I do attend a small church in Norman so I guess that I'll get to go out there!

My class in Norman is supposed to be 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. I am hoping that they will turn us loose early and I can play a round after class. I forget how late the sun is out in late April, but I'll bet that I can get out there in time to play.

I'm hoping that my brother will drive over from New Mexico for a weekend and we can get up to the State Fair Speedway for an evening of races. We have a lot of tracks in this area, but his choices in NM are very limited. I went up there the last time I was out and they put on a good show.

Keep up the good work!
At 11:48am on March 2, 2009, LSDiscs-Neileo said…
Shel, you are awesome...I'm so glad that you made it, as I kept saying, I was worried about you on the way there...You are most welcome, and I look forward to more DG trips with you...luv ya too girl...Oh, and yep we made it back in one piece...I got home around 1130ish...talk soon
At 4:35pm on February 13, 2009, Kraig said…
BTW, I was playing at Colonial Estates one day and guy hit a black ace. I forget the hole numbers out there. I was lining up an approach shot when a disc came flying in from my right and straight into the basket. It may be that he was on the 7th tee and put it in the 12th or 13th basket. His throw was bout 150 feet offline! It sure surprised me when it came flying in.
At 4:23pm on February 13, 2009, Kraig said…
I saw my class schedule today and I'm even less happy about this trip than yesterday. This is a class that I didn't want and didn't sign up for, but I am being forced to attend. The class is from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. That really puts a crimp in some of my plans. But being upset about the class sure won't keep me from having a good time once I'm out there. Having a late morning class means that I can go to some weeknight baseball games and not worry about being too tired for class in the morning. Hopefully by then it will stay light fairly late and I can get in some disc golf before dark.

I have heard that my buddy Lou will be in school while I'm there. He is much younger than I am and more active. They have a lot of activities at the training center for us and the last time that Lou and I were there together, he signed me up for softball and volleyball. I could still play softball if I didn't run very hard, but the volleyball was very rough on me. My problem is that when I play I still try to play like I'm young. I can't take that kind of beating any more! Getting old is tough!

I plan to hit the Norman courses, so we'll have to get together. I'm afraid that you'll beat me pretty easily, but I'll have a good time anyway. I like playing in the wind, but putting is pretty rough in a stiff wind. I ran into that one time out there at Colonial Estates. I had to get within 8 feet of the basket to have any chance of hitting it on that day! From 20 feet I would putt and my disc would flip up, take off, and end up 35 to 40 feet away.

I am still bummed about being forced to go, but I am looking forward to being in Norman again. Hope to see you there.
At 12:15pm on February 13, 2009, LSDiscs-Neileo said…
Ok Shel...about a tourney calendar...Remind me tonight and I will email you one, or I'll just send it to you in a message...I've got alot of dates down so there will be several...It might be easier for me to do it tomorrow while I'm at work...I work from 630am to 230...we'll discuss it tonight...see ya
At 8:23pm on February 12, 2009, Kraig said…
It looks like I'll be in Norman for 2 and a half weeks over the last half of April. I'm very unhappy about being sent to this school but once I'm there I'll make the most of it. I plan to bring some discs and play when I can. I'm unsure of my schedule and what other activities that I'll get into. I have a friend just north of town that I usually attend church with on Sundays. I am hoping that my brother in Los Alamos, NM might come over for a visit. The Sooners should be playing baseball and I'll attend games when I can and maybe take in a girls' softball game too. The Red Hawks are also a possibility along with the State Fair Speedway. I'll have to poke around online and figure out what is going on and when. I'm planning to drive out in my little old pick up. It made it out there and back a couple of years ago and I think that it's still up to the trip. The spring winds make your courses a real challenge. Those same winds might keep my brother from coming over. It's a ten hour drive from Los Alamos, but only a few hours to fly one of his planes over. But the spring winds around Los Alamos and across Oklahoma really shake up his small planes. We'll see what shakes out for this trip.
At 12:54pm on February 7, 2009, LSDiscs-Neileo said…

Hey you rising star...where are you???
At 6:00am on February 6, 2009, Kraig said…
Most of the funnies I grabbed from the funny pages and used Paint to turn them to a disc golf comic. When I find a comic that I can use, I save it until I have time to load it into Paint to redraw the comic and change the words to make it about disc golf. I keep them on my hard drive and load a couple of them to my club "Disc Golf Comics" on Saturdays. Then I also put them into my Silly albums. There were a hand full of those that were originally drawn as disc golf comics and I picked them out of a magazine a few years ago.

I'd like to see somebody with a good sense of humor and artistic ability draw some good comics for the disc golf community. My comics are reworks of professional comics' work. But I have fun with them and others seem to enjoy them as well.
At 5:42pm on February 5, 2009, Mike Inscho said…
Thanks for the music comment. Yeah.. I like my metal and rock. I wish we could have more than 100 songs though.. maybe sometime in the future.
Take it easy.

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