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At 11:52pm on April 24, 2010, Brandon Swanson said…
So the other day my 4 year old daughter Madeleine was all excited because I bought her running shoes. She had been begging me to take her running for a few weeks. I asked her, "Would you like to go disc golfing with me?" Her eyes lit up and she said, "Yes! Tomorrow!" :-) It is truly a blessing to me how much she loves doing things with Daddy. We went disc golfing for the first time yesterday. She did 8 holes with me! She threw about 40' backhand when she felt like it and then ran along side me to get my disc. She often carried her disc up the fairway after a few throws, but she always holed out! After 7 holes she spotted a playground and conceeded to play one more hole with Dad before we hit the slides and monkey bars. Then she ran a half mile with me (and insisted on holding my hand the whole way) to the light house, or "castle tower" as she renamed it. It was a wonderful day and she slept great that night!

I tried to take my 3 year old Britta out the day after that and she just wanted to hold her disc and hike and run in various directions...oh well, she had fun too and got to feel like a big girl because she went disc golfing with Daddy like her older sister.

My 1 year old son Soren likes the mini basket I bought for the kids (for under $25!). He hands me the minis and waits by the basket for me to putt. If I miss he toddles off to get them and slam dunks them into the chains with great relish!

So there's a disc golf snapshot for you of my little ones at present. It's great to make your acquaintence.

At 4:48pm on March 8, 2010, ptld2001 said…
Interesting to hear that you're working on sidearm. People have suggested I try that multiple times, and I've just never gotten the hang of it. I was never able to throw a baseball sidearm either. So, at least for me, that will wait for another day.

I was so excited yesterday, that I got my first birdie! It was a short hole -- about 150 ft, and down. It's a little like a mini top of the world shot. I'd been getting par there the last few times I'd played the course (improved to par when I took the lesson), and I ended up about 30 ft from the pin, so I expected another par. I was amazed when I made the putt for my first birdie! I haven't been able to do long putts since I was "drive putting", and able to make 40-50 foot putts by driving, since I was just so consistent. I've given that up in exchange for a longer drive, and it's good to see that I can actually make a significant putt with a putter!

Hope your writing camp was fun! It's always nice to do creative things.

I attended my second tournament this past weekend. My husband was playing, and I was caddying for him. He's been playing just over a year, and he's on the verge of cashing. He's hoping to do that this year, then move up to advanced grandmasters next year, if he makes sufficient progress. I'm still waiting to play my first tournament. I'd thought about playing this one, but the highest scoring player (a seven year old) got a 150, and I'm guessing that the best I'd probably do would be about a 180. I don't think this was the right tournament. If I can get my drive fixed this year, then I'm hoping that I'll be enough improved next year that I can play.
At 3:43pm on February 2, 2010, ptld2001 said…
I'm finally (maybe) starting to get the hang of driving. My husband and I had a lesson on Sunday, and I think it helped! I'd already starting to do a little better -- a 58 on a 12 hole course (first time I've gotten under 5 per hole), and a 118 on a course where I'd started at about 150. After the lesson, we tried a new course, and I got a 120' drive on a flat hole, and a 5 on a 380' hole. You certainly have to have more than a 70' drive to do that! I can't wait to try a course I'm familiar with, to see how much better I can do.
At 8:04pm on October 6, 2009, ptld2001 said…
Thanks for getting back to me. My husband attended his first tournament last weekend, and discovered he wasn't as good as he'd thought. We'll just say he has room for improvement. However, I realized what a long way I have until I can play in a tournament. I'd have been about 90 strokes over the bottom scores, and it would have been extremely ugly. I wish there were tournaments for worse people. It looks like a lot of fun, but I don't want to be that much worse than everyone else. It's tough, when they have multiple holes that are almost 700 ft, and so even if I drove straight there and putted clean, it would take at least 11 strokes each on those holes.

So, how did you get better? I've been staying pretty static, and even maybe going down a little. I've made about one 100 ft drive each month (out of about 1000), and I don't know what I did right. I've figured out about three things I'm doing wrong -- very little spin, not drawing straight across the chest, and overrotating my hip. I've heard that all three are probably contributing to my problem. I've seen lots of videos of people doing it right, and I know I'm doing it wrong, but I'm not sure exactly how to change. I know to only work on one thing at a time, so I'm thinking I should work on pulling closer across my chest. I'm not sure how to get more spin. So, are these some of the things you had to deal with? Any suggestions? I'm hoping that maybe I can work on some of those things indoors during the winter.

On the positive side, I've now gotten three pars! Two were on a 120' hole, but one was on a 170. Some of those short holes though, can be pretty tricky. I've also made a 55' putt. Not bad with a 70' drive!

At 7:22pm on September 1, 2009, ptld2001 said…
Thank you very much for your post in On the Short Tee. I keep thinking myself totally incompetent, that I've been out practicing almost every day for 10 weeks, and I've only worked myself up to a 70 ft. drive. It gives me hope to hear that you've gotten up to over 150 ft, and it took over a year to get there. My goal for the year is 100 ft, and I'm not sure whether I'll make it before the weather turns for the season.
At 11:46am on August 27, 2009, The Rudibaughs said…
Happy and safe travels, and take care!
the Rudibaughs
At 12:05pm on August 25, 2009, The Rudibaughs said…
Leslie! How are you! My how time flies, much like discs actually...anyway, will we still be seeing you in Evansville tomorrow? If so, Give us a call 8127748755
Kendra and David
At 10:27am on August 6, 2009, ConniJo said…
Have a great time this weekend, Leslie! And tell all the ladies I played with at Disc Girls I said Hi!
At 7:53pm on July 5, 2009, ConniJo said…
Hi, Leslie! I had a great time in Michigan and loved the DGLO and Disc Girls Gone Wild. I also received my package when I got home. Thanks and thanks and hope to see you again next year!
At 11:25am on June 9, 2009, Miah $-24 CHA!ns $- said…
I had alot of fun being a caddy for you. I'll see what I can't do about being there for Beauty and the Beast. I'm guessing you'll play the part of Beauty
At 12:56pm on May 14, 2009, Crystal said…
I had posted a blog on my page and I was wondering if there is anything you can share to make it more a desire for Deaf Women to join in disc golfing?
At 10:09am on April 16, 2009, Bill Leslie said…
Yes, Olive is quite a remarkable lady. She is out on our course (Two Gray Hares DGC, 7900' elevation) almost everyday when it is not covered with snow. She also plays the very physically demanding Sipapu course (8200' elevation) which is just down the road. Doubt very much if she will make the Women's Nationals. However, she is seriously considering participating the in the Am Worlds this year. If you go, the PDGA would make a Senior Grandmaster Womens Division for the first time I am sure.
Forget her doing a DGRus page. She does not use or want to learn how to use a computer. However, we will be happy to pass on some of her comments in the future. Both my wife, Sue, and Olive would very much like to meet and play with you
At 3:43pm on April 15, 2009, Bill Leslie said…
My wife and I just read your article From the Short Tee. On the bottom we noticed that you are billing yourself as the oldest women amateur player Sorry to disappoint you but you have a long ways to go. My mother-in-law, Olive Bolander, Vadito, NM, PDGA 29563, started playing when she was 69. She is still playing, participating in tournaments, and working on a project to play in all 50 states at the young age of 81. She will be 82 this year. Come on out and join us here for a great round of disc golf sometime! By the way, My wife, Sue, played in the first Women's Grandmaster Division at AM Worlds.
At 2:15pm on March 23, 2009, The Rudibaughs said…
Awesome! That sounds great, we would love to play with you again! Let us know if you need a place to crash, we have a spare bedroom and you are welcome to it during your stay. : )
- take care,
Kendra and David
At 2:44am on March 18, 2009, Cory said…
Thanks! its too bad you couldnt stop by, we just built a new course on the state park just up the road from my house, anyway how did you do in florida?
At 4:46pm on March 17, 2009, Leslie Charles said…
I am so so sorry about your daughter. I too take no comfort in the way my son Robbie died. In losing a child you lose a piece of your future and that is a poignant pain. It's the toughest thing in the world, burying a child and now you and Donna have more tragedy to deal with and that makes it all worse. You're not cold. We all have to find our own way of going on and no one else can tell us how to do it. My heart goes out to both of you and I will keep you in my thoughts.
At 5:13pm on December 17, 2008, Donny Olow said…
Hello Leslie !!!!

Hope this message finds you well and your enjoying the Holiday Season !!!

Welcome to this Cool Website for Disc Golfers from All over the World !!!!

Enjoy !!!!!

Your Friend from the SouthWest !!!!

Donny Olow
San Diego , CA .
At 1:46pm on September 13, 2008, LSDiscs-Neileo said…
Welcome Leslie, check out lsdiscs.net for all your disc needs, also come join our club LSDiscs
At 4:29pm on September 9, 2008, Donny Olow said…
Hello Leslie !!!!

Welcome to this Cool Website for Disc Golfers !!!!!

Donny Olow
San Diego , CA.
At 7:41pm on September 5, 2008, Terry "the Pirate" Calhoun said…
Welcome, Leslie!!

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