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At 6:22pm on January 6, 2011, Rescue said…

Ya, I love my Vision. I dig the way late helix I get out of it or just a dead straight arrow. Seems like most of my discs are in the stable to understable range, but for my distance, it works.

You will love the Striker! I would say if you got the standard mold (some have very stable ones). I would say it flies like a very long Teebird, but the controllability on this disc is amazing. When I took my trip to WA, I used that disc about 80% of the time. It  just seems to go were you want it to. I think you will dig the River. It's a turnover disc right out of the box or with the right power. A dead straight fairway driver.

No more disc golf! I'd get a second and third opinion. However, if my doc didn't tell me no more golf! I wouldn't have found disc golf, but that's still a bummer for your buddy.

Have you given the Vulcan another try? or are you done lol! Well, let me know what you think of the River and Striker.


At 8:18pm on December 29, 2010, Rescue said…

Bummer about the flu bug, but I bet they felt alot better onec the gifts started to get passed around.

Ya, I'm digging the Flow, but I buddy of mine gave me a Star light Katana (159g). Man, what a diff. So now I have to deicde wich one to carry since they are both pretty much the same. I'm leaning towards the Flow, since it seems to be more consistant in flight. I don't know how Lat. 64 make such a forgiving product? Now to really cloud the waters. I broke out my Vulcan (158g). That thing flies straight as an arrow! I blew past a couple baskets (due to the uber skip) and that's something new to me lol! Guess those lesson by Jim Oates paid off?

Well hope the kidlets feel better and I really hope they didn't pass it on to you and your wife! Have a Happy New Year too!

At 9:09pm on December 25, 2010, Rescue said…

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

I'm glad the Wraith has worked out for you. I still use it on really tight course. Sorry to say, but I seem to get the same control and distance, but with very little effort. From the new crop of discs. Mainly the Flow for me ( as long as I have room for the uber skip), but I also don't throw as far as you, so I can get away with a less stable disc.

I did pick up a Wahoo, but have only tossed it a few times. It's pretty flippy for sure and that's bad if it's coming from me lol! I also have a Vulcan coming, so we shall see.

These days I have a pretty crazy bag. My Nuke, Katana, and Flow get used on the open course or if I have room for a monster skip! When there are trees around, I go back to my old standards: Wraith, Orc, Valk, Sidewinder, and Vision. I just need to stop buying discs and learn the ones I have!

Have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year!

At 11:42am on October 27, 2010, Jørn B. Sand said…
Hey, mate!

Espen Klausen is a pretty generic name in Norway, and though it might be a small country compared to the U.S, we still have around 5 million inhabitants, and from the lowest point in the south to the farthest point in the north, it's about as long as the east coast in the U.S :) Not quite, but not far from it :)

I feel like we're in the same boat when it coems to our techniques: I'm very forehand dominant with a weak backhand, and you're very backhand dominant with a forehand that needs work. I just hope I can get a little more D to my drives. I know control is more important than distance, but I wanna have both :) Some of the guys at my local club can easily throw almost double the distance I can and that's pretty frustrating seeing them go for an easy birdie on a par 4 and me just barely sinking a 4 or often a 5 on the same hole.

But I definetly need to work on my backhand, 'cause there some holes that are just impossible to get through throwing only forehand. So I usually go for the putt & approach disc to gain control, but sacrifising substantial distance and just going for a safe 4 or 5 on a par 3. I need to work on that 'cause that's costing me a lot of unwanted strokes on my game. I've tried doing some of those holes forehanded and just hoping that the extra D will make up for the control throwing a putter backhanded. But it often doesn't since I usually end up deep in the woods or down a slope and risk hitting multiple objects in the way or even not managing to get up on one shot. It's a work in progress :)

The season is almost at an end here in Norway. The snow will be coming soon and it'll be dark right after 4 PM, so that means no chance of getting in a game after work.
I'll probably play for as long as I can during the weekend, but that won't last for much longer either I'm afraid. It can get pretty cold here and the snow can just come down like mad at any moment during the winter.

I'll still try to squeeze out as much as I can, though :)
At 10:32pm on October 10, 2010, Rescue said…
I have a few, but I went back to the HD plastic. Just felt better in the hand and turned over and held the line better. It also seemed to have more glide than the "Z"? However, I do bring my Z Hawk when I go out and play alone. As you know, it will be perfect in about ten more years lol!
At 4:31pm on October 4, 2010, Rescue said…
They do make some awesome plastic and colors. I still carry both a Vision and Sidewinder, but this Sidewinder is not your fathers Sidewinder (car commercial). The Striker made it back into my bag. It's just to perfect of a disc not to have it. The River is a great fairway disc with a ton of glide. Maybe a bit less stable than the Vision. I gave one to my buddy up in WA. After a few practice throws. It stayed in his bag! Man, he made that thing dance. It was cool to watch somebody who can make a disc do what HE wants it to...
Well, enjoy the Vision!

At 6:40pm on August 23, 2010, Rescue said…
Wow! those are some nice shots. In some you would have no idea they were models and I dig some of the candid shots. Candid shots have always been my favorite. If caught right, to me, they are priceless. Those and black and white pics.
Oh my god some of those planes are huge! That transport plane with the dual booms is ginormous!
Please tell me that guy carring the wing isn't from a crash? I know how bummed I'd be if I lost some CE plastic, but to lose one of those planes....ouch! They must put hundereds of man hours to build those things....wow!

Thanks for sharing those photo's
At 11:00am on August 16, 2010, Rescue said…
Sweet, I'm glad you like them. I'm sure you know, but just in case you don't. Star plastic tends to be more overstable than Champ plastic, but as they break in. They become a little less stable. However, I find Star plastic to be the fastest out of the plastics.
There is just something about the feel of CE that hooked me. I too am very, very cautious when I throw mine. Almost too much! lol! I have to be pretty much 100% sure I'll get it back when I throw it!
At 1:22pm on August 9, 2010, J.D.Guy said…
At 1:19pm on August 9, 2010, J.D.Guy said…
The Z's are more durable in my opinion and more consistent and more stable. i have a flippy ESP nuke and a stable Elite Z nuke in my bag at all times. they'll fight through headwinds on a hyzer flip, just frickin beautiful. Well, technically, its B.M.F., but its sometimes referred to as B.A.M.F., famous seen from a movie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_tbKQ0wS34
At 4:34pm on August 6, 2010, Rescue said…
I shipped the discs off today. I put in some thing you might dig. It's pretty worn, but still has plenty of life left.

At 8:22pm on August 5, 2010, Rescue said…
Hey Dude!
I found a Star Wraith and Valk that I'll ship out on Fri. I thought I had more max weight discs, but I guess I finally got rid of them.
At 6:48pm on August 1, 2010, Rescue said…
Hey Brandon,
So I found some Star stuff I was going to send your way. I also found some in Champ plastic. So do you just want to give the Star stuff a try our would you rather try the Champ? I guess if you are going for distance, the Star is the way to go. but let me know what type you want.

At 6:26pm on August 1, 2010, mark ellis said…
Thanks, Brandon.

When I woke up on the final day of prelims I was out of the cash (top 24) and out of the semis (top 20) so to finish strong was relieving.

You don't realize how many good players there are until you show up at Worlds and have to play against them.
At 12:10am on July 31, 2010, Rescue said…
Have you thought about the Wraith? Same fade and turn as the Destroyer. I've taken out my Destroyer and Teerex (except on windy days). Now I have a 166g Star Wraith. Next to my Nuke and Katana (which only get used on 3 to 4 hole). It is the longest disc in my bag and it still has enough stability for the wind, but also flies tight enough for the majority of the wooded holes.
At 1:08am on July 30, 2010, Rescue said…
Hey Brandon,
I've been getting rid of as many of my max weight discs as possible. If your heart isn't set on a lite weight Valk. I have a few 174g Valks. So if you don't mind them on the heavy side. There yours if you want them. Just let me know. I also have some Starfires, Wraiths, Beasts and Orcs I think, but I'd have to go through my stash again.
At 10:42pm on July 27, 2010, Rescue said…
Record collection? What is a record? lol!
At 12:44pm on July 27, 2010, Rescue said…
Hey Brandon!
Just a heads up. I was just on ebay and there is a CE Valk (butterscotch) X out. The disc is only $35. From what I can see, the reason for the X out. Is because the hot stamp is not uniformed. I've also purchased X outs in the past and have never had an issue with them. There were some other Valks that were in the $50 below range (some bidding, some "buy it now"). One other note. The "Butterscotch" run. Is one of the more rare molds out there.

At 3:33am on July 27, 2010, Rescue said…
Jeez, I think he most likely throws it in the 400+ range, but that's just a guess. Might be more. For me, I get out around 310 to 325. Now I might be able to throw my Nuke 20 to30' farther, heck, today I threw it 390'. I was in shock! so was everybody else lol! The thing is. With my Valk, I know were it will go and what it will do. I can't say that for my Nuke or Katana. Man, 390! Noooo idea were that came from. I've never come close to that type of "D" and that's what bugs me about these new drivers. This may sound strange, but the biggest plus to these new drivers. Is that I seem to have better control, feel and distance with my "old school" drivers. Have you by chance happen to have noticed this with your throws?
I had a feeling you would stick with the standard Roc, but I do like the feel of the rim on the Roc+ a little better. Other than that, it's a Roc.
You know, another plastic option for the Valk. Is their SE plastic. If you like a tacky feel to your plastic. It may be woth a look see on ebay. You can pick one up for around $20 to $30 on ebay. Just a thought.

At 9:40pm on July 24, 2010, Rescue said…
I use a 165 CE Valk. The CE's tend to be a tad bit more overstable, but this one is my hyzer flip, tight helix, straight down the middle disc. It's funny more and more of the people I play with have gone back to this disc. A buddy of mine throws about the same distance you do and he's been buying any Star Valk he can find in the 164 to 168 range. It's his favorite control disc at this time. Now this is a guy who just flat out crushes his Nuke and Boss'. Like he says though, the Valk is money. If you are looking for the most overstable Valk out there. I always hear the Echo Star plastic tends to be more overstable than all the plastic. Now, if you happen to win the lotto. You have to try the CE stuff lol! To be honest though, you can find some used CE plastic in the $40 range. To me that's not to bad for plastic that will last forever.
Wow, a marathon. Man my knee's are hurting just thinking about it! As much as I tried to like running. I just couldn't do it, but it was a must when I was still a firefighter.
Well, I'm glad some of those discs worked out for you. I could see the Talon being a good thumber. I hear the Flick is a pretty good one as well.
I know your a Roc fan. Have you had a chance to try the Roc+? I picked up a couple. Man they feel really good in the hand. They still fly like a Roc, but the inside edge has about an 80 degree angle, instead of the standard 90 degree. So it might be worth some of that funny money to try it.

Well, take care.


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